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Promoting Best Practice

Institute for Police and Security Policy Research (IPSPR) is an independent African-focused policy research institute and Think-thank established to promote collaborative research programmes and opportunities between the police and security practitioners, the academia and industry experts across Africa with the goal of transforming public policy. With its many security and governance challenges; our work is aimed at contributing to a stable and peaceful Africa characterised by sustainable development, respect for human rights, the rule of law, democracy, stable and collaborative security institutions anchored on good governance.


Police, Intelligence and Security Research

At the INSTITUTE FOR POLICE & SECURITY POLICY RESEARCH, we are keen to provide the tools to promote good governance in the police and security institutions across Africa as well as effective and efficient operational practices. Our initial base of operation and focus will be designated countries in Africa. But we are expanding as resources are made available to ALL Nations on the continent.


IPSPR aims to work to inform and improve policy and public discourse on national security, crime, corruption, its prevention and the functioning of the criminal justice system. We do this by conducting research, analysing policy, disseminating information and providing expertise as a contribution towards a safer and secure society.

By nature, the police and security sectors of countries in Africa are usually secretive and research into these sectors tend to be difficult and done in silos. This is partly due to the confidential nature of their work, but unlike other parts of the world, the historical colonially detached and isolationist origins of security institutions in Africa has widened the gap between them and the people they are meant to protect.  


Some research tends to be done by internal training arms of these security agencies but an effective partnership does not seem to exist between these security institutions and external research organisations either within a university or standalone. The police, Intelligence agencies, the Judiciary & criminal justice sector and Military tend to be treated in isolation for research purposes when a joined-up and collaborative research effort will yield better outcomes for a cohesive security picture for each nation in Africa.


It is therefore time for a partnership to be established between these security agencies, the academia and industry practitioners for some overarching research-based solutions, operational and governance models to be developed for the benefit of individual nations. Best practice can also be easily exported and shared as well as joined up working for a Pan-African security cooperation in support of peace and stability on the continent. This is the vision that is driving the establishment of IPSPR.


We plan to work with national government security agencies and to facilitate them in improving operational standards, good governance, helping in maintaining peace and tranquillity of society. For this, methodical studies of endemic and emergent problems in the principles and practices of law enforcement policing, intelligence operations, maintaining homeland security, transnational security and trafficking, corruption and the criminal justice system and promotion of science and technology will be undertaken constantly. Reformation in correctional services and forensic sciences, being an integral part of the justice system will also be thoroughly researched. 

So IPSPR will over time become :

  • The Leading organisation for nations in Africa to consult on police and security policies related matters.

  • The subject area experts in Security (police, military and intelligence) related studies and idea generation in Africa.

  • The Hub for security practitioners from all over the world to formulate policies and discuss matters that can benefit Africa.

  • The Independent organisation called on by countries in Africa to help review security operations and conduct investigations and Enquires on security matters in ways that build public confidence in the outcomes of such exercise.

  • The authoritative partner with the African Union and other sub-continental regional multinational bodies on developing Pan-African security solutions based on best practice and unique national identities and culture.

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Promoting Best Practice

IPSPR operates via seven key operational units. These are:


  1. Publications Division

  2. Research Division

    1. Police Research Team

    2. Military Research Team

    3. Intelligence Operations Research Team

    4. Criminal Justice & Crime Prevention Research Team

    5. Corruption and Civil Engagement Research Team

  3. Conference Division

  4. Skill Development and Training Division

  5. Education Advancement Division

  6. Ratings & Awards Division

  7. National and Inter-Governmental Division

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The overarching outcomes of our research and collaborations are to strengthen the security institutions in Africa, promote collaboration between nations through exchange of best practice, and through good governance in national policing and security operations achieve the following additional outcomes:


  • Promote and defend human rights and the rule of law

  • Strengthen democratic ideas and values

  • Promote accountability and transparency in policing

  • Strengthen democratic political processes and institutions

  • Promote civic education

  • Support democratic conflict resolution

  • Promote freedom of association

  • Promote a Pan-African police and security cooperation.

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How you can Partner with us

Individuals, organisations and institutions can support our vision and activities through the following ways:


Donating to IPSPR will help us to produce cutting edge policy research and fight for progressive change across Africa. As an independent registered NGO, we place a great value on personal contributions from individuals. If you are interested in donating, please email us at:



We carry out independent research across a whole range of policy areas, including Policing, Security & Intelligence, Crime Prevention, Corruption & Governance and the wider Criminal Justice System.



IPSPR runs a full events programme, bringing together top politicians and policymakers, leading writers and academics, business figures and other expert thinkers. If you'd like to sponsor an event on a particular topic, or if you are interested in IPSPR's annual conference programme, please email us at: INFO@IPSPR.ORG



IPSPR's corporate partnership programme is for organisations wishing to be at the forefront of policy formation and thought leadership. Our partners gain a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the key areas of security and public policy and have the chance to debate and discuss the bigger picture with some of the most important figures and brightest minds at our regular briefings, events and receptions.



By becoming an Affiliate of IPSPR, you will be joining an inner circle of people who support our work. As an Affiliate, you will receive on a quarterly basis:


  • Copies of IPSPR Security Updates Journal for rethinking security and crime prevention in Africa.

  • early bookings for IPSPR events

  • our other agenda-setting publications, in high-quality print editions


The annual cost of becoming an Affiliate is $1100 (USD) or N400,000 a year, or just $100 (N50,000) a month. To become an Affiliate, please download, complete and return the registration form.



IPSPR offers a range of investor packages for high value donors, with a variety of benefits available at different giving levels. We are seeking individuals or organisations who share our values, have a passion for change and an ambition for impact. We will work closely with you to understand your core policy interests, and determine a bespoke long-term partnership in return for your investment in IPSPR. To discuss further please email us.



IPSPR offers several courses on policing and security operations, governance and management. These are either short diploma courses or full graduate degree programmes.

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